New Date For 2017 Shriners Scramble is September 1, 2017!

“Due to the course conditions because of rain we have to postpone tomorrows event until Friday, September 1st. This year’s prizes, raffles, silent auctions are the best the last 10 years accompanied by a dynamic speaker, Alec, the boy in the wheelchair in all the commercials is still coming for Sept 1.

We are very disappointed but we can’t change the weather. Please contact all members of your foursome and let me know of any changes to your foursome or questions! We are looking forward to a nice cool, mild, beautiful day in September!”

We are so disappointed but the course is already saturated and more rain/storms on the radar! We felt it is best to give everyone as much notice as possible. Hope you will be able to rearrange your schedule. Please let the rest of your foursome know.  Thanks!​

Shriner Kids – The Shriners Scramble


July 13 – Please visit “News” tab for Raffle Basket Contents and Silent Auction Items!  Remember…Need Not Be Present to Win.  Raffle Tickets will be on Sale in the Registration Tent. $40-80 Tickets, $20-30 Tickets, $10-10 Tickets.  Benefitting Shriners Hospitals for Children-Chicago!!!

We are so pleased and excited to announce that Alec, Shriners Hospitals for Children Patient Ambassador will be attending this years Shriner Scramble and will be speaking at the post golf dinner.  I am sure you have seen Alec as the lead spokes person on the Shriners Hospitals for Children TV Commercials.  Alec is a dynamic speaker and has traveled around the country speaking and being interviewed by many well known Sports Broadcaster and Professional Athletes.  Alec aspires to be a Sports Broadcaster and spends hours researching athletes, venues, etc. Following is and excerpt from Fox News Insider:

“Meet Alec Cabacungan: the face of Shriners Hospitals for Children, who has captured hearts across America with his famous commercials.

Cabacungan was on “Fox and Friends” this morning, where he said that the hospital has “a special place in [his] heart, recalling his countless surgeries and physical therapy there.

Cabacungan suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a brittle bone disease, and he has broken more than 60 bones in his lifetime. But that hasn’t stopped him from achieving his dreams of playing adaptive sports.

“Because of Shriners, I can play wheelchair basketball, I can play wheelchair softball,” he said.

Shriners also gave Cabacungan the amazing opportunity to interview NFL draftees back in April, a dream come true for Cabacungan, who hopes to be a sports anchor one day.”

“With my commercials, I love helping Shriners ‘cause they’ve helped me so much,” he said. “It’s the least I could do.”

Connor and I have had the pleasure of getting to know Alec and his parents and I know you will be so impressed with what Alec has accomplished with the help of Shriners Hospitals for Children. You can see Alec in many TV commercials and interviews on line by typing in Alec Cabacungan Shriners Hospitals for Children or iSpot  I know you will be impressed and anxious to hear Alec speak. Alec’s parents have provided us with this link: ETaired  which was aired on Philadelphia FOX29, Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 9:45A.M.

Also, Rachel Solor, a patient at Shriners Hospitals for Children will again be with us for the entire day of golf and the dinner. I’m sure you will remember Rachel from last year and her presentation at the dinner.  Another awesome person that we have had the privilege of friendship because of Shriners Hospitals for Children!



We are looking forward to making the 10th anniversary one of the best years ever for Shriners Hospitals for Children!  Once again, we are counting on your help.More information to follow.  Thank You, Kelly.

Please take a moment to read the following as it sheds light on the piece of Shriners Hospitals for Children the often goes unspoken…

The following note was written by Mr. Dan Wheeler, Fifth Grade Teacher at North Grove Grade School, Sycamore, IL.  Mr. Wheeler is aware of the Shriners Scramble Golf Outing and what Shriners Hospitals for Children offer to all of their patients.  I want you to know how important these hospitals are to the future of our children and the adults they will become.  These hospitals reach far beyond the treatment of the physical needs of their patient…they teach by example of their caring and compassion for all.

I have lived and worked in the same community as Connor for his entire life, and I would see him a few times a year at different school functions and sporting events.  Seeing him a few times a year gave me a glimpse at the physical changes that Connor was undergoing with the help of Shriners, but I never really got to know him as a person until this year.  I am Connors fifth grade teacher, and I have had the privilege of getting to know him and his great personality during the school year.  Connor shares many traits with the typical fifth grade boy; he loves sports, science, math, etc.  He tries hard in school and comes to class with a great attitude each day.  But what sets him apart from every other child that I have ever taught is his willingness to help others.  Connor’s attitude and compassion for students with special needs is something that I have never seen before from a student.  When Connor is in a situation where he can help other students, he transforms from a high energy 5th grader into one of the most sweet and caring people you could ever imagine.

  • While running in a highly competitive race as part of a school wide fundraiser, Connor flew around the track and pulled his team into the lead.  Connor raced passed a student with special needs and immediately stopped.  He turned around and started to help motivate the child and they finished the lap together.
  • Connor works as a Peer Buddy in a program that partners 5th grade students with other students in the building that have special needs.  He gives up his recess in order to play with other kids that do not have the ability to go outside for recess each day.
  • During an unplanned evacuation at school for a fire alarm, the students had a meet outside before school.  Connor was very quick to lend his jacket to a cold kindergarten student without any prompting from adults.

Connor makes selfless decisions like this on a regular basis in school and in the community.  His peers look at him as a leader in the classroom and often try to follow his lead when it comes to helping other students.

I know that I cannot prove that Connor’s time at Shriners has helped him become such a caring person, but I can’t help but think that the two are connected.  It is clear to see that Shriners does a great job physically changing human function and appearance, but the unseen changes to the character of their patience is something that often gets overlooked.

–Dan Wheeler


If you are interested in making a donation or becoming a Hole Sponsor you make Click on the “ShrinerKids Icon” Tab on the right side of the website or click on the “Sponsors” Tab at the top of the page and scroll to the bottom.  Either will take you to the Sponsorship form. You make your donation via Visa or MasterCard if you choose to do so. (Unfortunately, due to PayPal restriction, we are unable to accept American Express)



The event is used as a platform to inform and educate families about Shriners Hospitals for Children. The hospital is staffed with elite surgeons, nurses, therapists and clinicians, which is all available to families without concern of monetary situations or insurance. The funds we raise help aid the hospital to help all families with continued care and research.


  • Shriner Kids events are not only to raise money, but also to create an awareness of how Shriners Hospitals for Children provide care for families in need
  • Be a parent liaison with the hospital, as a  parent whose child who receives care, treatment, and surgeries, at the Shriners Hospital for Children – Chicago Hospital
  • Continue to support the research and development of the newly designed Speech Application for schools

2016 Illinois High School Shrine Bowl Game

Connor was honored by being invited to be “Prince” of the 2016 Shrine Bowl Football game along with “Princess” Savannah.  Connor and his family traveled to Bloominton, Il for a weekend of festivities.  Connor and Savannah were honored on Friday evening at a dinner with the East & West high school football payers, coaches and organizers.  Kelly also spoke during the dinner about the Chicago Hospital and Connor’s journey as a patient.  Connor and family joined on the annual Walk for Love, with Connor and Savanah leading the way.  They were part of the coin toss to start the 2016 East West High School Shrine Bowl and were able to remain on the side lines during the game. Connor helped with the water bottles and in the time out huddles. Savannah was part of the Cheer Squad as she aspires to be a high school cheerleader. It was at this game that Connor met Gabe #62 and he and Gabe have kept in touch. Gabe came to the dinner for the 2016 Shriners Scramble.

Jack, Kurt, Kelly, Connor & Peyton







2016 Check Presentation to Shriners Hospitals for Children-Chicago

Connor presenting a check at Shriners Hospitals for Children-Chicago from the 2016 Shriners Scramble. $14,000 was gifted to the hospital from last years event, bring the total amount gifted in nine years $136,000! Each of you has been a part of this gift. We can not thank you enough! Looking forward to another successful outing.

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