We were introduced to the FGA while we were at the Shriners Open in Las Vegas. Jonathan Snyder kindly invited Connor to work with his organization. Connor spends three days a week with the FGA in various locations. At the clinics he is learning the skills of the game but more importantly he is learning what the game can do for him and his disabilities. Not only does Connor learn about about life through golf but he also is learning how to help other golfers on the golf course with disabilities. He has worked with peers who are blind, autistic, personality disorders, amputees, etc. This is an outstanding organization that gives Connor something to look forward to daily. Similarly, the Kids Golf Foundation & Michala Mika have been going above and beyond working with Connor on improving his game with the most up to date technology and swing analysis. She and the program are allowing Connor on the course opportunities during tournament play to learn the game and to even participate in a variety of tournaments. Opportunities from organizations give Connor and other kids the chance to have success in a life long sport that will improve both mental and physical health.  

Freedom Golf Association

Our Mission

Freedom Golf Association (FGA) is dedicated to bringing joy and a sense of freedom to the special needs community through their inclusion in the game of golf.

  • We believe that all special needs individuals deserve a chance to accomplish the same things as any others do and work towards bringing a positive transformation to their lives
  • FGA contributes to the positive development of those with special needs through the magic of golf


  • Grow the number of participants exposing the special needs community to the therapeutic & rehabilitation benefits of golf
  • Eliminate the constraints for special needs individuals
    • Evaluating and making more golf courses accessible
    • Training more adaptive golf professionals
  • Change the Illinois golfing world to be more welcoming  to the special needs community

Our Story

Freedom Golf Association (FGA) was founded in July, 2012 by Edmund (E.Q.) Sylvester. E.Q. is a director of the Western Golf Association (WGA), member of the United States Senior Golf Association (USSGA), and a triple amputee.

Freedom Golf Association was incorporated July 3, 2012 pursuant to the General Not-For-Profit Corporation Act of the State of Illinois and operates under the 501(C)(3) section of the Internal Revenue Code.
FGA now works to assist individuals with disabilities in many ways:​

  • Engage children, adults and veterans with special needs in FREE golf instruction with other classmates providing professionally run instructional clinics and golf events
  • Conduct Adaptive Golf training workshops to increase the number of qualified golf coaches to instruct individuals with special needs
  • Provide leadership and collaboration with nationally recognized organizations on how to expand/grow adaptive golf programs

Kids Golf Foundation

Our Story

The Kids Golf Foundation of Illinois was established in 1998 by entrepreneurs and golf enthusiasts Jerry Rich and Don Springer. The Foundation is a statewide junior golf association that offers and supports several golf programs and events designed to introduce children to the sport of golf, its fundamentals, rules, etiquette, life lessons, and more.

Serving as a customer service center, the Kids Golf Foundation maintains its administrative headquarters at Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove, IL and is one of the largest junior golf organizations in the state. We service our program sites in a variety of ways including individual meetings, site visits, program consultation, equipment usage, and funding. In addition to teaching kids the fundamentals of golf, our programs and events teach participants life skills and leadership through the sport of golf.

Since the inception of the Foundation, more than 200,000 kids have been exposed to golf and the important life lessons it teaches them. We work with many different organizations such as schools, youth organizations, churches, golf courses, and other groups across the state of Illinois to offer and support junior golf programs. The programs are designed to introduce children typically between the ages of 5 and 17 to the sport of golf, its fundamentals, rules, history, etiquette, and most importantly life lessons.