Silent Auction

Every Bid Wins Silent Auction

Bet you never heard of this before. We have found a way to raise far more money for Shriner’s Hospital and get you the special Silent Auction piece that you want for LESS money than ever before. Every piece that you see with a big red card and special EVERY BID WINS bid sheet, means just that. if you are the first to bid. You just won that pieces at the price that you bid. Congratulations. The next, higher bid above yours also wins at that price. and so on. It is a wonderful way to get the pieces that are special to your and your family at discounted prices instead of waiting to bid at the end and pay higher prices than you wanted to pay! When the auction closes, the HIGHEST bidder takes that piece on display home with them and all the early bidders simply pay the price that they bid and we take their shipping addresses and get them a duplicate piece within a couple of weeks. You save money and Shiner’s Hospital sells each piece multiple times.