Drake Crittenden

Trisha and I first discovered the Shriners Hospital for Children when our good friend had a baby boy born with a cleft lip and palate. We were so amazed at the incredible care given to him, that we donated money to the fundraiser held in his name, in lieu of party favors at our wedding. Little did we know, my wife and I would get to know Shriners on a more personal level shortly after we started our own family.

On July 20, 2009 our son Drake was born with a cleft lip and immediately thereafter, we made our first medical call to Mary O’Gara at the Shriners Hospital for Children. As first time parents, Mary and the hospital gave us the confidence and support we needed to get through this very difficult time.

During the tour and upon our first visit with the team, each member we met with was extremely informative and helpful, which left a lasting impression on us. There was no hesitation in choosing this facility and staff when it came to giving the best care to our son.

With that being said, Drake’s first surgery was a great success! The excellent services our family received was and continues to be second to none. Thank you to Mary O’Gara, Dr. Mitchell Grasseschi, Nurse Practitioner Marisa Foss and all the associates of the Shriners Hospital.

Drake will have another surgery sometime after his 3rd birthday. While there is always concern with your child’s health and well being, it comes with great relief knowing he will be handled with excellent expertise and genuine compassion. We look forward to our annual hospital visit and meeting the wonderful doctors who have made such a huge impact in our lives.

–Josh & Trisha Crittenden